2014 is here! Give-away time!

fs nose slideGet your cameras rolling!!!

I am doing another footage contest!
I want to see the most creative tricks in the world. I do not care how good or bad your are, I want to see people having fun and getting creative.
So whether you skate, surf, snowboard, snowskate or any other rad thing on a board, send in your footage for a chance to win a package of goods from my sponsors.
Send footage to: no later than 2/14/14. Keep footage under 30 seconds.

The winner will be notified by the end of February 2014.

Get out there and get filming.






Hello all,

I must give HUGE love to Glide! Not only are they making amazing surf and paddle boards, but they are awesomely awesome people. Check out this video of me skating in the Glide factory:

Stay posted for wave, river, and race Glide footage and photos!

Looking forward to an amazing season!!!

Much love to all!



Premier Snowskates-Anthony Johnson Pro Model

Premier Snowskates-Anthony Johnson Pro Model

Anyone who has been to my home knows that I have Frank Sinatra playing on my record player about 90% of the time. He is my all-time favorite artist.
Premier Snowskates gave me the opportunity to create my own pro model for the 2013-2014 season, and so I decided to honor a legend.
Much love and a happy spring to all!

Trade Show Fun!

Hello all,

It is trade show season again and things are cookin! Busy, busy! We had an awesome time at Outdoor Retailer in SLC with the OTZ Shoes crew. The booth looked rad and of course we had fun skating… especially with Madeleine! My little angel is already rockin ollies!!!

Madeleine skating it up!


The OTZ booth was looking fresh as usual! Well done Ludo, Tammy and Melissa!

Anthony OTZ poster at OR demo

We also did a Freegun deck give away. Thank you to Stephan at Freegun Underwear. If you have not checked out Freegun, do it! They will blow your mind how comfortable they are.
Along with the Freegun board, we also gave away a pair of my signature sunglasses with Dizez Eyewear.
Both give away winners were stoked.

Aloe up also had an awesome looking booth at OR!
Much love to Neal at Aloe up!

Freegun deck and Dizez sunglass winners

And over in Denver at the SIA Trade Show Premier Snowskates was ruling the scene as usual!!! Check out there booth. Stoked to be busting a kickflip for the back drop! 

Premier SIA booth

On with trade shows! See you in Vegas this month for Project/ Magic. If you are there, come by OTZ and say hello to me!
Check out for details on how to win… hint: make sure you also check out the Emergen-C facebook and twitter. 
Much love to all!!!
Go outside and have fun.

Azad Watches Ad

Azad ad

Azad ad

Check out the new Azad Watches ad!
I am stoked on it!
Look for it in Dub Magazine soon.

Much love to all!


Maibu rules!

Hello all!

Just returned home from Malibu on a skate trip. Skated hard, and had a blast.

We filmed a short promo film for OeTZI3300 in 2 days! I cannot even remember how many spots we hit. Much love to the task oriented/ productive crew. Once again Alan White worked his magic. Look for it online soon.

Film crew

This photo was taken just after we wrapped up 2 days of hard work. Stoked!
Ludo, Peter, and Anthony

Many thanks to the whole OeTZI3300 crew for all of their kindness, support, and hospitality! 







If any of you are going to be in Malibu anytime soon, be sure to check out Drill Surf and Skate. Super cool shop, super cool staff, super cool owner(many thanks to Craig for letting us skate his amazing ramp!).

Much love to all!





Steve Kang contest winner!

Steve Kang is the winner of my creative footage contest.

Steve is a ripper from Orange County, California.

Steve’s creative trick that took the cake was not only super creative, but, it was also pretty damn impressive too!
Steve sent in a frontside blunt on the back of a couch (the tall part!). It was inside of his house. His runway was tile, he ollied up to the f/s blunt and landed on carpet.
Keep up the shredding! You are an inspiration to skateboarding!

Much love to everyone!